Cater To Our Kids

Cater To Our Kids

This Is Where It All Started

Brain Foods LLC is a catering company that had its start with school catering in the local area. Our staff prepare the daily school lunches that come in hot and ready to eat. The whole focus at Brain Foods is to provide a balance of taste and nutrition and this was never more important than with our school catering services.

Our High-Quality Ingredients

We always use the freshest local pick of the day in our ingredients. The seasonal products are checked and prepped by the highly trained kitchen staff to make sure that our kids only get the best. We work with a variety of local, and regional food suppliers to ensure high-quality ingredients that meet a clean label standard.

Our Kitchen

The kitchen personnel are trained in the preparation of school lunches with the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. The kitchen is fully equipped to handle the daily preparation of school lunches and is licensed by the Department of Environmental Health Services.

Nutritionally Balanced

We carefully craft well-balanced meals that go beyond USDA nutrition standards and Regulations to ensure the highest level of nutrition.

Cost Reliability

We are committed to gain your full participation levels in our breakfast, lunch, snack and after-school nutrition programs, and offer you solutions that make your food spending highly effective. Brain Foods guarantees your food service budget is effectively managed. We guarantee you less food waste, less complaints, well-nurtured students and budget reliability.

Offering Real Benefit

Brain Foods offer real benefit with USDA adopted food menus that allow kids, parents and school staff to participate which guarantees saving your staff a lot of hours. Our prices reflect the cost of providing a choice of multiple menu rotations, delicious student-experienced and USDA endorsed meals. We also offer continuing training and communications, frequent visits to your school kitchen, USDA audit support and quick consideration to any matters communicated with us.

Our price includes:

  • Daily food prep and, as needed, delivery
  • Disposable/biodegradable utensils
  • HACCP and server training
  • Ongoing support through our Operations Managers for training, compliance requirements and identifying areas for improvement
  • USDA audit support
  • MN State Food Audit Support

Clean Label Promise – the big NO!

Brain Foods committed to a clean label ingredient ensuring that our kids will not find any of the following in the food we prepare:

  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
  • No high fructose corn syrup, MSG, benzoates, bromates or sulfites
  • No partially or fully hydrogenated fats/oils
  • No BHA, BHT, TBHQ or sodium nitrites/nitrates